How to Establish the Green Empire of the East and the West




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Who Are You?

I am Elvere DELSART. You can also call me Paul DELSART or Paul Elvere DELSART. I am French and the author of several books in French and English.

For many years (already 13), I have been the bearer of an innovative societal vision. One could say that I have developed a new path for our humanity. Since 2021, I call this new path the Green Empire of the East and the West.


What Is It?

Firstly, the Green Empire of the East and the West is a Live Action Role-Playing Game (LARP) in Alternate Reality (cross-media or hybrid game) where actors worldwide embody their own characters (in a narrated adventure) through interactions and physical actions in a 100% real environment. It is a highly experiential and transformative game of consciousness where actors act as reformers of the entire structures and codes of society.

The goal is to collectively establish a new just and balanced civilization and transform the Earth into a non-hostile forested planet where living beings flourish.


Changing the World with Fiction?

Yes and no because, as mentioned before, this experiential game uses Alternate Reality. The design involves a highly elaborate scenario, closely resembling that of a film. The scenario is based on "transmedia storytelling," a method characterized by the combined use of multiple media to develop a narrative. Each medium develops different content.

Player immersion has consequences, particularly through the intentional confusion between reality and fiction. The boundary between the game and reality is imperceptible and extremely porous. Consequently, everything that happens in the game (actions taken) automatically has lasting repercussions beyond the game (usual environment).

Also, the Green Empire of the East and the West is a very real international moral entity also known as the EL4DEV Confederation. It is a suitable, efficient, societal, and ethical alternative to the current United Nations (U.N.).

The EL4DEV Confederation is the result of the creation and interconnection of seven political-societal Unions that I conceptualized:


Did You Really Believe in It? It Seems Highly Illusory!

Each politico-societal Union is the result of the creation and interconnection of several Societal Economic Interest Groups. There is only one Societal EIG per country.

Each Societal EIG results from the grouping and interconnection of several small towns (towns with fewer than 3000 inhabitants) that share their human and financial resources in the participatory design and realization of common infrastructure projects. These infrastructures bring people together around common societal goals and, through the benefits of their activities (ecological tourism, natural subsistence agriculture, improvement of local ecosystems, emissions of positive electromagnetic fields, international radiation of infrastructures), enable the self-sufficiency and development of the towns. The profits of the towns systematically go back to the populations of the towns.


What Infrastructures Are You Talking About?

These infrastructures are the self-managed agroclimatic cities and complexes labeled LE PAPILLON SOURCE.

They serve as places for individual and collective experimentation, knowledge sharing, nurseries for transformative societal projects, regenerating degraded environments, self-sufficient and self-regulated spaces, showcases of what could be in the world, showcases of a better future, and schools of a new kind. They are located on five continents and interconnected, designed and built by the international community, from every country in the world, and in all languages.

The development of a LE PAPILLON SOURCE complex always begins with the development of vegetated vertical structures called Vegetal Calderas. These structures are climatic generators and the keystones of LE PAPILLON SOURCE cities and complexes.


Who Will Design Them?

To collaboratively design these infrastructures (calderas and cities/complexes), transnational artistic and intellectual events are organized:

These events are collectively funded by the small towns integrating national Societal Economic Interest Groups. The more small towns there are, the greater the financing capacity, and the more significant the events become.

These events are initially national because they are funded by national Societal Economic Interest Groups.

They take place in physical locations and also online through predeveloped computer tools.

Actors from one country can draw inspiration from the proposals and ideas of those from another country. It is possible to exchange internationally. It is possible to support other Societal Economic Interest Groups (and thus other countries) in their development. Countries with similar geographical and environmental characteristics can collaborate in designing the infrastructures.


Do the Population and Small Towns Get Involved in International Relations?

Yes, that's where it gets interesting! These transnational collaborative spaces pave the way for the gradual creation of Political-Societal Unions.

In fact, they materialize the innovative concept of EL4DEV societal diplomacy that I created. The foundation of EL4DEV societal diplomacy is decentralized cooperation (without state intervention).



Who Manages All This?

All computer tools are developed by the participatory multidisciplinary engineering program called EL4DEV.

EL4DEV is a tool of social engineering, a process of continuous rewriting of all our societal models, an educational process through individual and collective experience, and a powerful system of global solidarity and distribution.

EL4DEV notably uses information technologies (EL4DEV Information System) to spread its message, bring people together, federate the creation of a new just and balanced international civil society, and monitor and measure change. These changes occur at the local, national, and international levels.

The entire process of connection and cooperation between small towns and between peoples is orchestrated by the EL4DEV program.

The international process of small towns-to-small towns connection and cooperation is called THE MUNICIPALITIES COUNTER-ATTACK.


And for the Construction of LE PAPILLON SOURCE Cities and Complexes?

The small towns that are members of national Societal Economic Interest Groups will be the main financiers of the construction of the infrastructures. They will finance the design, construction, and maintenance of all infrastructures because these belong to them. These are public infrastructures that will never be privatizable, as stipulated in contracts at the creation of Societal Economic Interest Groups. The EL4DEV program will handle these contracts.

Construction can also be financed, to a lesser extent, by several involved individuals but without compensation (pure patronage).



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